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TF ID 29096
Common NameSELMODRAFT_29096, SELMODRAFT_29099
Taxonomic ID
Taxonomic Lineage
cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta; Lycopodiidae; Selaginellales; Selaginellaceae; Selaginella
Family Dof
Protein Properties Length: 64aa    MW: 7385.19 Da    PI: 10.3484
Description Dof family protein
Gene Model
Gene Model ID Type Source Coding Sequence
29096genomeJGIView CDS
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Signature Domain
No. Domain Score E-value Start End HMM Start HMM End
  zf-Dof  5 alkcprCdstntkfCyynnysls....qPryfCkaCrryWtkGGalrnv...PvGggrrkn 58
              +cprC+s nt+f yynn   +    qPry C++C+  Wt+GG +rnv   P Gg +r +
            679****************86533444*********************9777788888876 PP

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3D Structure
Database Entry ID E-value Start End InterPro ID Description
PfamPF027016.1E-28164IPR003851Zinc finger, Dof-type
PROSITE profilePS5088415.603462IPR003851Zinc finger, Dof-type
ProDomPD0074785.0E-9661IPR003851Zinc finger, Dof-type
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GO Term GO Category GO Description
GO:0006355Biological Processregulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0003677Molecular FunctionDNA binding
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Protein Sequence    Length: 64 aa     Download sequence    Send to blast
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Source Description
UniProtTranscriptional activator that binds specifically to the DNA consensus core sequence 5'-AAAG-3' also known as prolamin box (PubMed:16798940). Can activate the expression of genes encoding for the seed storage proteins glutelin, prolamin and globulin. Functions synergistically with RISBZ/BZIP58 to positively regulate quantitatively many seed storage proteins (PubMed:16798940, PubMed:19473328). Functions synergistically with RISBZ1/BZIP58 to positively regulate some metabolic enzymes, such as alanine aminotransferase and pyruvate phosphate dikinase, that are expressed in developing seeds (PubMed:16798940). Functions synergistically with RISBZ1/BZIP58 to positively regulate genes that are key players in the development of aleurone layers (PubMed:19473328). Functions synergistically with RISBZ1/BZIP58 to positively regulate the glutelin GLUD-1 gene in endosperm of developing seeds (PubMed:18980953). Can activate the expression of the bifunctional lysine-degrading enzyme, lysine ketoglutarate reductase/saccharopine dehydrogenase (LKR/SDH), one of the key regulators determining free lysine content in plants (PubMed:21037241). In germinating seeds, involved in the gibberellin-mediated activation of the alpha-amylase AMY1.1/AMY1A gene (PubMed:14500792). {ECO:0000269|PubMed:14500792, ECO:0000269|PubMed:16798940, ECO:0000269|PubMed:18980953, ECO:0000269|PubMed:19473328, ECO:0000269|PubMed:21037241}.
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Source Description
UniProtINDUCTION: Induced by gibberellin. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:11470159, ECO:0000269|PubMed:16798940}.
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Source Upstream Regulator Target Gene
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
RefseqXP_024516314.12e-37uncharacterized protein LOC112341077
RefseqXP_024520303.11e-37uncharacterized protein LOC112342540
SwissprotQ6K5371e-12DOF3_ORYSJ; Dof zinc finger protein 3
TrEMBLD8STL84e-39D8STL8_SELML; Uncharacterized protein (Fragment)
STRINGEFJ081997e-40(Selaginella moellendorffii)
STRINGEFJ122267e-40(Selaginella moellendorffii)
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LineageOrthologous Group IDTaxa NumberGene Number
Representative plantOGRP3817445
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Hit ID E-value Description
AT4G24060.14e-14Dof family protein
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