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TF ID Solyc02g087970.1.1
Common Nameima, matriochka
Taxonomic ID
Taxonomic Lineage
cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta; Euphyllophyta; Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; Mesangiospermae; eudicotyledons; Gunneridae; Pentapetalae; asterids; lamiids; Solanales; Solanaceae; Solanoideae; Solaneae; Solanum; Lycopersicon
Family ZF-HD
Protein Properties Length: 91aa    MW: 10104.2 Da    PI: 8.8443
Description ZF-HD family protein
Gene Model
Gene Model ID Type Source Coding Sequence
Solyc02g087970.1.1genomeITAGView CDS
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Signature Domain
No. Domain Score E-value Start End HMM Start HMM End
         ZF-HD_dimer  2 ekvrYkeClkNhAaslGghavDGCgEfmpsegeegtaaalkCaACgCHRnFHRrevee 59
                        ++vrY eC++NhAas+Gg+++DGC+E+mp+    +t+ +l+CaACgCHRnFHRreve+
                        689**************************8...567899****************987 PP

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3D Structure
Database Entry ID E-value Start End InterPro ID Description
ProDomPD1257746.0E-201987IPR006456ZF-HD homeobox protein, Cys/His-rich dimerisation domain
PfamPF047704.1E-272474IPR006456ZF-HD homeobox protein, Cys/His-rich dimerisation domain
TIGRFAMsTIGR015663.3E-242574IPR006456ZF-HD homeobox protein, Cys/His-rich dimerisation domain
PROSITE profilePS5152323.062673IPR006456ZF-HD homeobox protein, Cys/His-rich dimerisation domain
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Protein Sequence    Length: 91 aa     Download sequence    Send to blast
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UniGene ID E-value Expressed in
Les.99131e-154fruit| leaf
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Source Description
UniprotTISSUE SPECIFICITY: Mostly expressed in stems, flowers and siliques, and, to a lower extent, in inflorescence. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:16412086}.
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Source Description
UniProtInhibits zinc finger homeodomain (ZHD) transcription factors by interacting with them to prevent both their nuclear localization and their DNA-binding properties. Involved in integrating signals from multiple hormones by regulating the expression of specific genes. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:21455630}.
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  1. IMA acts as a repressor of the meristem OC gene SlWUS and inhibits cell proliferation during floral termination. [IMA]
    [PMID: 18410478]
  2. Arabidopsis thaliana MINI ZINC FINGER2 (AtMIF2) and its homolog in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), INHIBITOR OF MERISTEM ACTIVITY (SlIMA), participate in the floral meristem termination process by functioning as adaptor proteins.
    [PMID: 29298836]
  3. results provide important insights into the molecular mechanisms governing floral meristem (FM) termination and highlight the essential role of AtMIF2/SlIMA during this developmental step, which determines carpel number and therefore fruit size. [SlIMA]
    [PMID: 29298836]
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Source Upstream Regulator Target Gene
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
GenBankAC1225441e-152Genomic sequence for Lycopersicon esculentum, clone L136C6, complete sequence
GenBankAC2265071e-152Solanum lycopersicum chromosome 2 clone C02HBa0136C06, complete sequence
GenBankAM2616281e-152Solanum lycopersicum mRNA for mini zinc finger protein (ima gene)
GenBankEU1612831e-152Solanum lycopersicum clone BAC L136C6 transcription factor style2.1 gene, complete cds
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
RefseqNP_001234189.15e-61mini zinc finger protein
SwissprotQ9LJW52e-26MIF2_ARATH; Mini zinc finger protein 2
TrEMBLA0ZXL11e-59A0ZXL1_SOLLC; Mini zinc finger protein
STRINGSolyc02g087970.1.12e-60(Solanum lycopersicum)
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LineageOrthologous Group IDTaxa NumberGene Number
Representative plantOGRP9116237
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Hit ID E-value Description
AT3G28917.18e-29mini zinc finger 2
Publications ? help Back to Top
  1. Wang Y,van der Hoeven RS,Nielsen R,Mueller LA,Tanksley SD
    Characteristics of the tomato nuclear genome as determined by sequencing undermethylated EcoRI digested fragments.
    Theor. Appl. Genet., 2005. 112(1): p. 72-84
  2. Sicard A,Petit J,Mouras A,Chevalier C,Hernould M
    Meristem activity during flower and ovule development in tomato is controlled by the mini zinc finger gene INHIBITOR OF MERISTEM ACTIVITY.
    Plant J., 2008. 55(3): p. 415-27
  3. Bollier N, et al.
    At-MINI ZINC FINGER2 and Sl-INHIBITOR OF MERISTEM ACTIVITY, a Conserved Missing Link in the Regulation of Floral Meristem Termination in Arabidopsis and Tomato.
    Plant Cell, 2018. 30(1): p. 83-100