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TF ID Pahal.D02548.1
Taxonomic ID
Taxonomic Lineage
cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta; Euphyllophyta; Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; Mesangiospermae; Liliopsida; Petrosaviidae; commelinids; Poales; Poaceae; PACMAD clade; Panicoideae; Panicodae; Paniceae; Panicinae; Panicum
Family G2-like
Protein Properties Length: 63aa    MW: 7267.65 Da    PI: 9.6829
Description G2-like family protein
Gene Model
Gene Model ID Type Source Coding Sequence
Pahal.D02548.1genomeJGIView CDS
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Signature Domain
No. Domain Score E-value Start End HMM Start HMM End
         G2-like 33 lelmkvkgLtlehvkSHLQkYRl 55
                    +++m+vkgLtl h+kSHLQkYRl
                    689*******************8 PP

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3D Structure
Database Entry ID E-value Start End InterPro ID Description
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GO Term GO Category GO Description
GO:0003677Molecular FunctionDNA binding
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Protein Sequence    Length: 63 aa     Download sequence    Send to blast
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Source Description
UniProtTranscriptional activator (PubMed:26586833). Acts redundantly with PHR1 as a key component of the central regulatory system controlling transcriptional responses to Pi starvation (PubMed:26586833). Binds in a sequence-specific manner to phosphate starvation-regulated promoters (PubMed:26586833). {ECO:0000269|PubMed:26586833}.
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Source Description
UniProtINDUCTION: Up-regulated in roots by low Pi. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:26586833}.
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
GenBankBT0390533e-36BT039053.1 Zea mays full-length cDNA clone ZM_BFb0367F20 mRNA, complete cds.
GenBankEU9678393e-36EU967839.1 Zea mays clone 306497 myb family transcription factor-related protein mRNA, complete cds.
GenBankJX4699813e-36JX469981.1 Zea mays subsp. mays clone UT3341 G2-like transcription factor mRNA, partial cds.
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
RefseqXP_020583325.17e-19protein PHR1-LIKE 2-like isoform X2
RefseqXP_025821023.17e-19protein PHR1-LIKE 2-like
SwissprotQ94A574e-16PHL2_ARATH; Protein PHR1-LIKE 2
TrEMBLA0A2I0WUB82e-17A0A2I0WUB8_9ASPA; Myb family transcription factor APL
TrEMBLA0A2T7D6B32e-17A0A2T7D6B3_9POAL; Uncharacterized protein
TrEMBLA0A2T8IGC62e-17A0A2T8IGC6_9POAL; Uncharacterized protein
TrEMBLA0A3L6PSS72e-17A0A3L6PSS7_PANMI; Myb family transcription factor APL-like
TrEMBLA0A426YUN41e-17A0A426YUN4_ENSVE; Uncharacterized protein
STRINGPavir.J35437.1.p4e-34(Panicum virgatum)
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Hit ID E-value Description
AT3G24120.12e-18G2-like family protein
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  1. Duarte JM, et al.
    Expression pattern shifts following duplication indicative of subfunctionalization and neofunctionalization in regulatory genes of Arabidopsis.
    Mol. Biol. Evol., 2006. 23(2): p. 469-78