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TF ID OPUNC09G15290.1
Taxonomic ID
Taxonomic Lineage
cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta; Euphyllophyta; Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; Mesangiospermae; Liliopsida; Petrosaviidae; commelinids; Poales; Poaceae; BOP clade; Oryzoideae; Oryzeae; Oryzinae; Oryza
Family ERF
Protein Properties Length: 239aa    MW: 25478.1 Da    PI: 4.6463
Description ERF family protein
Gene Model
Gene Model ID Type Source Coding Sequence
OPUNC09G15290.1genomeOGEView CDS
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Signature Domain
No. Domain Score E-value Start End HMM Start HMM End
              AP2  1 sgykGVrwdkkrgrWvAeIrdpseng.krkrfslgkfgtaeeAakaaiaarkkl 53
                     + ++GVr++ + grWv+e+r+p   g +  r +lg+f+tae+Aa+a++aa++++
                     579******************9...6445**********************987 PP

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3D Structure
Database Entry ID E-value Start End InterPro ID Description
PfamPF008472.9E-134899IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
SMARTSM003801.9E-1649115IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
Gene3DG3DSA:3.30.730.104.1E-2649111IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
PROSITE profilePS5103220.65349109IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
SuperFamilySSF541711.24E-1649110IPR016177DNA-binding domain
PRINTSPR003676.7E-55061IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
CDDcd000182.88E-1950111No hitNo description
PRINTSPR003676.7E-57490IPR001471AP2/ERF domain
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GO Term GO Category GO Description
GO:0006355Biological Processregulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0005634Cellular Componentnucleus
GO:0003677Molecular FunctionDNA binding
GO:0003700Molecular Functiontranscription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
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Protein Sequence    Length: 239 aa     Download sequence    Send to blast
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Source Description
UniProtTranscriptional activator that binds specifically to the DNA sequence 5'-[AG]CCGAC-3'. Binding to the C-repeat/DRE element mediates high salinity- and dehydration-inducible transcription. Confers resistance to high salt, cold and drought stress. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:12609047, ECO:0000269|PubMed:16284406}.
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Source Description
UniProtINDUCTION: By high-salt and cold stress. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:12609047}.
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Source Upstream Regulator Target Gene
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
GenBankAF3009700.0AF300970.1 Oryza sativa DRE-binding protein 1A mRNA, complete cds.
GenBankAK2876920.0AK287692.1 Oryza sativa Japonica Group cDNA, clone: J065128G03, full insert sequence.
GenBankAP0068590.0AP006859.1 Oryza sativa Japonica Group genomic DNA, chromosome 9, fosmid clone:OSJNOa273B05.
GenBankAP0149650.0AP014965.1 Oryza sativa Japonica Group DNA, chromosome 9, cultivar: Nipponbare, complete sequence.
GenBankJQ8859560.0JQ885956.1 Oryza sativa isolate UR5 DRE-binding factor 1A (DREB1A) gene, complete cds.
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Source Hit ID E-value Description
RefseqXP_015610912.11e-131dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1A
SwissprotQ64MA11e-132DRE1A_ORYSJ; Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1A
TrEMBLA0A0E0M3K21e-173A0A0E0M3K2_ORYPU; Uncharacterized protein
STRINGOPUNC09G15290.11e-174(Oryza punctata)
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LineageOrthologous Group IDTaxa NumberGene Number
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Hit ID E-value Description
AT4G25470.13e-41C-repeat/DRE binding factor 2
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