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Raphanus sativus
S1Fa-like Family
Species TF ID Description
Rsa1.0_00131.1_g00058.1S1Fa-like family protein
Rsa1.0_00339.1_g00013.1S1Fa-like family protein
Rsa1.0_01134.1_g00014.1S1Fa-like family protein
Rsa1.0_07731.1_g00003.1S1Fa-like family protein
Rsa1.0_07942.1_g00001.1S1Fa-like family protein
S1Fa-like Family Introduction

A cDNA encoding a specific binding activity for the tissue-specific negative cis-element S1F binding site of spinach rps1 was isolated from a spinach cDNA expression library. This cDNA of 0.7 kb encodes an unusual small peptide of only 70 amino acids, with a basic domain which contains a nuclear localization signal and a putative DNA binding helix. This protein, named S1Fa, is highly conserved between dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants and may represent a novel class of DNA binding proteins. The corresponding mRNA is accumulated more in roots and in etiolated seedlings than in green leaves. This expression pattern is correlated with the tissue-specific function of the S1F binding site which represses the rps1 promoter preferentially in roots and in etiolated plants.

Zhou DX, Bisanz-Seyer C, Mache R.
Molecular cloning of a small DNA binding protein with specificity for a tissue-specific negative element within the rps1 promoter.
Nucleic Acids Res. 1995 Apr 11;23(7):1165-9.
PMID: 7739894