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Ricinus communis
LBD Family
Species TF ID Description
27524.m000293LBD family protein
28152.m000905LBD family protein
28207.m000107LBD family protein
28428.m000040LBD family protein
28694.m000665LBD family protein
28859.m000318LBD family protein
29613.m000372LBD family protein
29646.m001112LBD family protein
29661.m000902LBD family protein
29676.m001633LBD family protein
29676.m001634LBD family protein
29729.m002278LBD family protein
29729.m002335LBD family protein
29740.m000470LBD family protein
29740.m000472LBD family protein
29794.m003310LBD family protein
29794.m003311LBD family protein
29814.m000742LBD family protein
29822.m003452LBD family protein
29883.m002035LBD family protein
29900.m001558LBD family protein
29917.m001993LBD family protein
29929.m004500LBD family protein
29957.m001411LBD family protein
30072.m000955LBD family protein
30111.m000703LBD family protein
30143.m001171LBD family protein
30147.m013890LBD family protein
30147.m014053LBD family protein
30147.m014054LBD family protein
30169.m006340LBD family protein
30170.m013752LBD family protein
30174.m008897LBD family protein
30174.m008898LBD family protein
LBD Family Introduction

The in vitro DNA-binding and heterologous transcriptional activation studies presented here indicate that the LBD protein family represents a new class of DNA-binding transcription factors that recognize the cis-element GCGGCG. The DNA-binding activity is present within the LOB domain, which is conserved throughout the 43 Arabidopsis family members as well as LBD proteins in other plant species.

the LBD genes encode a novel class of DNA-binding transcription factors. Post-translational regulation of transcription factors is often crucial for control of gene expression. In our study, we demonstrate that members of the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family of transcription factors are capable of interacting with LOB. The expression patterns of bHLH048 and LOB overlap at lateral organ boundaries. Interestingly, the interaction of bHLH048 with LOB results in reduced affinity of LOB for the consensus DNA motif. Thus, our studies suggest that bHLH048 post-translationally regulates the function of LOB at lateral organ boundaries.

Aman Husbands, Elizabeth M. Bell, Bin Shuai, Harley M.S. Smith, and Patricia S. Springer.
LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES defines a new family of DNA-binding transcription factors and can interact with specific bHLH proteins.
Nucleic Acids Res, 2007. 35(19): p. 6663-71.
PMID: 17913740