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Genlisea aurea
Dof Family
Species TF ID Description
EPS57419.1Dof family protein
EPS57474.1Dof family protein
EPS59263.1Dof family protein
EPS60030.1Dof family protein
EPS60475.1Dof family protein
EPS61400.1Dof family protein
EPS61937.1Dof family protein
EPS62348.1Dof family protein
EPS62375.1Dof family protein
EPS63224.1Dof family protein
EPS66320.1Dof family protein
EPS66325.1Dof family protein
EPS66922.1Dof family protein
EPS67305.1Dof family protein
EPS67789.1Dof family protein
EPS68360.1Dof family protein
EPS70091.1Dof family protein
EPS72205.1Dof family protein
EPS72462.1Dof family protein
EPS72532.1Dof family protein
EPS72536.1Dof family protein
EPS73643.1Dof family protein
Dof Family Introduction

Dof (DNA binding with one finger) family, a particular class of zinc finger domain TFs characterized by a conserved region of 50 amino acids with a C2-C2 finger structure, associated to a basic region, that binds specifically to DNA sequences with a 5'-T/AAAAG-3' core. Dof proteins have been reported to participate in the regulation of gene expression in processes such as seed storage protein synthesis in developing endosperm, light regulation of genes involved in carbohydrate metabolism, plant defense mechanisms, seed germination, gibberellin response in post-germinating aleurone , auxin response and stomata guard cell specific gene regulation.

Lijavetzky D, Carbonero P, Vicente-Carbajosa J.
Genome-wide comparative phylogenetic analysis of the rice and Arabidopsis Dof gene families.
BMC Evol Biol. 2003 Jul 23;3(1):17.
PMID: 12877745