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Eutrema salsugineum
GATA Family
Species TF ID Description
Thhalv10000871mGATA family protein
Thhalv10001591mGATA family protein
Thhalv10002609mGATA family protein
Thhalv10002799mGATA family protein
Thhalv10004553mGATA family protein
Thhalv10004566mGATA family protein
Thhalv10005103mGATA family protein
Thhalv10005181mGATA family protein
Thhalv10006202mGATA family protein
Thhalv10008338mGATA family protein
Thhalv10008340mGATA family protein
Thhalv10008343mGATA family protein
Thhalv10010544mGATA family protein
Thhalv10010566mGATA family protein
Thhalv10010986mGATA family protein
Thhalv10011695mGATA family protein
Thhalv10013793mGATA family protein
Thhalv10017012mGATA family protein
Thhalv10020970mGATA family protein
Thhalv10021612mGATA family protein
Thhalv10021708mGATA family protein
Thhalv10021738mGATA family protein
Thhalv10022088mGATA family protein
Thhalv10022854mGATA family protein
Thhalv10024940mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025461mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025666mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025757mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025793mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025795mGATA family protein
Thhalv10025977mGATA family protein
Thhalv10026110mGATA family protein
Thhalv10026300mGATA family protein
Thhalv10027520mGATA family protein
GATA Family Introduction

GATA factors were first identified as proteins that interact with conserved WGATAR (W = T or A; R = G or A) motifs involved in erythroid-specific gene expressionin vertebrates.

GATA factors are characterised by the presence of conserved, type-IV zinc-finger motifs Animal factors typically contain two C-x2-Cx17-C-x2-C zinc-finger domains. The majority of known fungal GATA factors contain a single C-x2-C-x17-C-x2-C finger with greatest similarity to the carboxyl (C) terminal finger of animal GATA factors.Several examples of fungal GATA factors containing a variant C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C DNA-binding domain are also known.

Examples of both C-x2-C-x17-Cx2-C (Type IVa) and C-x2-C-x18-C-x2-C (Type IVb) GATA factors are found within fungi; animals onlycontain the former configuration, and plants only the latter. Plant GATA factors typically contain a single zinc finger. The Arabidopsis type-IV zinc-finger proteins may represent the previously defined family of nuclear GATA-binding proteins implicated in light-responsive transcription.

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