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Catharanthus roseus
Whirly Family
Species TF ID Description
cra_locus_1304_iso_1Whirly family protein
cra_locus_1304_iso_2Whirly family protein
cra_locus_1304_iso_3Whirly family protein
cra_locus_1304_iso_4Whirly family protein
cra_locus_410_iso_3Whirly family protein
cra_locus_410_iso_4Whirly family protein
cra_locus_410_iso_5Whirly family protein
cra_locus_76806_iso_1Whirly family protein
Whirly Family Introduction

Members of the Whirly family of proteins are found throughout the plant kingdom and are predicted to share the ability to bind to single-stranded DNA. Arabidopsis and potato Whirly orthologs act as transcription factors that regulate defense gene expression; the Arabidopsis Whirly protein AtWhy1 contributes to both basal and specific defense responses. Analysis of the crystal structure of potato StWhy1 has provided insight into the DNA-binding mechanism of this family of proteins, their mode of action and possible autoregulation. There is evidence to suggest that Whirly proteins might play roles in processes other than defense responses and could function in the chloroplast as well as in the nucleus.

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