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Beta vulgaris
LBD Family
Species TF ID Description
Bv_006550_ktwy.t1LBD family protein
Bv_016000_frag.t1LBD family protein
Bv1_019320_yckc.t1LBD family protein
Bv1_019330_aagp.t1LBD family protein
Bv2_023440_jgxq.t1LBD family protein
Bv2_025310_ihqm.t1LBD family protein
Bv2_026860_cint.t1LBD family protein
Bv2_029900_mzjw.t1LBD family protein
Bv2_036550_qhra.t1LBD family protein
Bv4_074460_punp.t1LBD family protein
Bv5_109750_gffr.t1LBD family protein
Bv5_115440_dggo.t1LBD family protein
Bv5_117760_jceh.t1LBD family protein
Bv5_120850_ukak.t1LBD family protein
Bv5_120860_cowf.t1LBD family protein
Bv6_127990_rmjs.t1LBD family protein
Bv6_134530_gphk.t1LBD family protein
Bv7_170650_csxj.t1LBD family protein
Bv7_175180_gnfm.t1LBD family protein
Bv7_175670_mgyp.t1LBD family protein
Bv7_177580_nrxi.t1LBD family protein
Bv8_194110_xjnu.t1LBD family protein
Bv9_225500_xmmp.t1LBD family protein
LBD Family Introduction

The in vitro DNA-binding and heterologous transcriptional activation studies presented here indicate that the LBD protein family represents a new class of DNA-binding transcription factors that recognize the cis-element GCGGCG. The DNA-binding activity is present within the LOB domain, which is conserved throughout the 43 Arabidopsis family members as well as LBD proteins in other plant species.

the LBD genes encode a novel class of DNA-binding transcription factors. Post-translational regulation of transcription factors is often crucial for control of gene expression. In our study, we demonstrate that members of the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family of transcription factors are capable of interacting with LOB. The expression patterns of bHLH048 and LOB overlap at lateral organ boundaries. Interestingly, the interaction of bHLH048 with LOB results in reduced affinity of LOB for the consensus DNA motif. Thus, our studies suggest that bHLH048 post-translationally regulates the function of LOB at lateral organ boundaries.

Aman Husbands, Elizabeth M. Bell, Bin Shuai, Harley M.S. Smith, and Patricia S. Springer.
LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES defines a new family of DNA-binding transcription factors and can interact with specific bHLH proteins.
Nucleic Acids Res, 2007. 35(19): p. 6663-71.
PMID: 17913740