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Beta vulgaris
GRAS Family
Species TF ID Description
Bv_011420_aoao.t1GRAS family protein
Bv1_000760_ymmj.t1GRAS family protein
Bv1_021540_nmoe.t1GRAS family protein
Bv2_024970_jywu.t1GRAS family protein
Bv2_034300_dzwp.t1GRAS family protein
Bv3_053610_mmkx.t1GRAS family protein
Bv3_057810_jijh.t1GRAS family protein
Bv4_073430_tehx.t1GRAS family protein
Bv4_089940_tmkj.t1GRAS family protein
Bv4_092350_tjty.t1GRAS family protein
Bv5_101020_uphg.t1GRAS family protein
Bv5_122850_jkmd.t1GRAS family protein
Bv6_127980_zhxi.t1GRAS family protein
Bv6_128210_fjig.t1GRAS family protein
Bv6_128680_pjam.t1GRAS family protein
Bv6_144010_ryau.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173610_otwr.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173630_utzy.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173640_npoz.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173650_gxyt.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173660_rmpw.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173670_ugqo.t1GRAS family protein
Bv7_173680_dqmt.t1GRAS family protein
Bv8_184680_hfws.t1GRAS family protein
Bv8_195410_iqhg.t1GRAS family protein
Bv9_212030_ikjr.t1GRAS family protein
Bv9_221600_fznw.t1GRAS family protein
Bv9_225940_rhee.t1GRAS family protein
GRAS Family Introduction

The GRAS family of putative transcriptional regulators is found throughout the plant kingdom, and these proteins have diverse roles in plant development, including root development, axillary shoot development, and maintenance of the shoot apical meristem (Bolle, 2004). GRAS proteins show conserved residues in the C terminus but contain a variable N terminus with homopolymeric stretches of certain amino acids. It has recently been shown that two GRAS proteins that regulate root growth, SCARECROW (SCR) and SHORTROOT (SHR), interact with each other (Cui et al., 2007), while a class of GRAS proteins involved in regulating plant growth, the DELLA proteins, interact with a transcription factor involved in phytochrome signaling (de Lucas et al., 2008; Feng et al., 2008).

Hirsch S, Kim J, Munoz A, Heckmann AB, Downie JA, Oldroyd GE.
GRAS proteins form a DNA binding complex to induce gene expression during nodulation signaling in Medicago truncatula.
Plant Cell, 2009. 21(2): p. 545-57.
PMID: 19252081