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Arabidopsis thaliana
C2H2 Family
Species TF ID Description
AT1G02030.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G03840.1C2H2 family protein
AT1G03840.2C2H2 family protein
AT1G04445.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G08290.1WIP domain protein 3
AT1G10480.1zinc finger protein 5
AT1G13290.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G14580.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G14580.2C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G24625.1zinc finger protein 7
AT1G25250.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 16
AT1G26590.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G26610.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G27730.1salt tolerance zinc finger
AT1G30970.1C2H2 family protein
AT1G34370.1C2H2 family protein
AT1G34370.2C2H2 family protein
AT1G34370.3C2H2 family protein
AT1G34790.1C2H2 family protein
AT1G51220.1WIP domain protein 5
AT1G55110.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 7
AT1G66140.1zinc finger protein 4
AT1G68130.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 14
AT1G68130.2indeterminate(ID)-domain 14
AT1G72050.1transcription factor IIIA
AT1G72050.2transcription factor IIIA
AT1G74250.1DNAJ heat shock N-terminal domain-containing protein
AT1G75710.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT1G80730.1zinc-finger protein 1
AT2G01940.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G01940.2C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G01940.3C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G02070.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 5
AT2G02080.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 4
AT2G02080.2indeterminate(ID)-domain 4
AT2G15740.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G17180.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G18490.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT2G26940.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G28200.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G28710.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G29660.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G37430.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G37740.1zinc-finger protein 10
AT2G41835.1C2H2 family protein
AT2G41940.1zinc finger protein 8
AT2G42410.1zinc finger protein 11
AT2G45120.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT3G10470.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G13810.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 11
AT3G13810.2indeterminate(ID)-domain 11
AT3G13810.3indeterminate(ID)-domain 11
AT3G19580.1zinc-finger protein 2
AT3G19580.2zinc-finger protein 2
AT3G20880.1WIP domain protein 4
AT3G23130.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G29340.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G44750.1histone deacetylase 3
AT3G44750.2histone deacetylase 3
AT3G45260.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT3G46070.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G46080.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G46090.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G48430.1relative of early flowering 6
AT3G49930.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G50700.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 2
AT3G53600.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G53820.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G57480.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G57670.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G58070.1C2H2 family protein
AT3G60580.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT4G02670.1indeterminate(ID)-domain 12
AT4G06634.1C2H2 family protein
AT4G06634.2C2H2 family protein
AT4G06634.3C2H2 family protein
AT4G12240.1C2H2 family protein
AT4G16610.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT4G17810.1C2H2 family protein
AT4G25610.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT4G25610.2C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT4G27240.1C2H2 family protein
AT4G35280.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT4G35610.1C2H2 family protein
AT4G35700.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G01860.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G03150.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G03510.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G03740.1histone deacetylase 2C
AT5G04240.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G04340.1zinc finger of Arabidopsis thaliana 6
AT5G04390.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G05120.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G06070.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G06650.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G10970.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G14010.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G14140.1zinc ion binding;nucleic acid binding;zinc ion binding
AT5G15480.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G22890.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G22990.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G25160.1zinc finger protein 3
AT5G27880.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G42640.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G43170.1zinc-finger protein 3
AT5G43540.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G44160.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G52010.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G56200.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G57520.1zinc finger protein 2
AT5G59820.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G60470.1C2H2 family protein
AT5G61470.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G63280.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G66730.1C2H2-like zinc finger protein
AT5G67450.1zinc-finger protein 1
C2H2 Family Introduction

Numerous genes encoding the C2H2 zinc-finger domain have been characterized from a wide variety of eukaryotes, including plants. The canonical ZF (zinc finger) sequence (CX2-4CX3FX5LX2HX3-5H) contains two cysteines and two histidines that coordinate a zinc atom, creating a compact nucleic acid-binding domain. The majority of such proteins characterized to date are DNA-binding transcription factors, and many have been shown to play crucial roles in the development of plants, animals and fungi.

Chrispeels HE, Oettinger H, Janvier N, Tague BW.
AtZFP1, encoding Arabidopsis thaliana C2H2 zinc-finger protein 1, is expressed downstream of photomorphogenic activation.
Plant Mol Biol. 2000 Jan;42(2):279-90.
PMID: 10794528